As soon as you fall pregnant, you quickly learn that when it comes to parenting everyone has an opinion on everything. But one thing that ALL parents across the world can agree on is that there is nothing as important as the health and wellbeing of your child.

My own family have survived the tragic passing of two children, so when I learnt that the lovely Edwina Sharrock from BIRTH BEAT was taking both her Baby & Child First Aid and Birthing courses online for everyone to be able to access, I felt it was my duty to spread the word.

By going online Edwina can deliver her esteemed Birth Beat education to expectant parents across Australia and the world. As midwife, mother and wife, she appreciates the complexities of modern-day life, the value of personal time and is an avid campaigner for everyone to have access to the best education, regardless of their personal situation or location.

During her time as Emergency Department and Disaster Co-ordinator, Edwina has seen first hand how important first aid training is, particularly when it comes to babies and children and has since made it her mission to make sure every parent knows what to do should something happen. The First Aid course goes through everything from how to take a temperature correctly to age appropriate CPR- and most importantly, how to know your child needs medical attention.

The birthing course is evidence based, current and continually updated. It doesn’t focus on any one type of birthing strategy (such as hypnobirthing), but rather covers a range of tools to use in labour and birth. It’s designed to prepare parents and eliminate fear. One of the most valuable take-outs was how to put people on mute! "You can’t stop well-meaning advice coming your way once you have a baby, but you can choose to screen it out and that is a skill I emphasise.”

Both the birthing and first aid courses offer a wonderful alternative to those who are unable or unwilling due to their geographical location, their relationship status or language barrier to childbirth and life saving education.

And I can tell you first hand Edwina's approach is warm, engaging, informative and fun. We just did a refresher Baby and Child First Aid course after the birth of Poppy and it is hands down the most important course we will ever do.

So if you’re looking for an online childbirth of first aid course that can be completed in your own time, in the privacy of your own home- this is for you. The course also provides access to Edwina, weekly in a live Q&A setting as well as through a private Facebook group, where you can meet other parents, if you wish.




Edwina with one of over 1000 Birth Beat babies