tp6bSo I've learnt that things rarely go to plan when working with kids. I've also learnt that hurricane winds, teepees and toddlers are a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, two of our todels (toddler models) just happen to reside in an amazing converted warehouse complete with sheltered indoor garden, so let's just say we were happy to divert from the original plan. After days sourcing beautiful headpieces and digging through my Aunt's original 1970's feather accessories, it never occurred to me that each todel would refuse to wear pretty much everything- and definitely nothing at the same time- and/or within shooting distance of the set. Infact, thankfully bare chests were on brief because we had buckleys getting them dressed in anything at all. Had we not bribed the little buggers with  lollies (yes, yes, Mothers of The Year...) they wouldn't have stayed anywhere near the teepee. We then endured the subsequent sugar high, followed by severe crash.  Throw in a (very patient) cat and (not so patient) mad woman snapping away with a screaming todel on her hip,  is it any wonder we were driven to a glass of vino to calm the nerves?

But I guess that's the beauty of photographing kids, and in fact the point of this blog. There's something to be said for portraying the imperfect truth, and capturing the moment, tears and all. All that aside, I think it turned out pretty well, I mean how could it not with these cuties?  And the part we could control, the backdrop and teepee, looked amazing thanks to our super styling todel mothers, Mimi O'Brien & Georgie Watts.TP8tp5TP4Btp2tp6TP712btp3TP13TP14BTP10

Models: Wolfe, Kinga, Ines, Archie & Porky the cat.

MOCKA TEEPEE. Styled by Mimi O'Brien and Georgie Watts. Location thanks to Georgie Watts.