So packing of the hospital bag, wasn't exactly the fun, considered process I had envisioned! Being told at my 37 week appointment that the baby was engaged, I was starting to dilate and needed to go home and pack my bags sent me into a right spin! I arrived home with stomach cramps at the same time the bassinet and baby bath were being delivered. I then spent 15 minutes stress eating everything in the pantry wondering how I misjudged the situation- after going to 40 weeks with Archie, I thought I had weeks to prepare!

As it turns out, babe wasn't quite ready. The cramping subsided after 48 hours and although now, at 38 weeks I am almost 4cm dilated, and it should happen any day now, we really just don't know. But the best part is I am ready! Hooray!

So this video was a slightly rushed "holy shit I'm having a baby" version of packing the hospital bag.

Below I have posted a link to everything I recommend, including some items that I have added to my bag post video. And I did manage to get my hair and nails done. Phew! Baby, you can come now! xx


For Mama | Francis & Henry Mama Luxe bundle - beautifully made, super comfortable nursing friendly tee-shirt dresses, robes & swaddles made in the most gorgeous fabric; Mayana Genevieve clasp- free beautiful lace (comfortable!) nursing bras; Ripe Maternity ultimate express tank nursing singlets & nursing PJ set. They also do amazing hospital sweet set packs; Blanqi high waist postpartum support leggings; Loose t-shirts and track pants and oversized cardigan.

Socks, slippers & a million and one pairs of underwear- nice to have new socks, slippers and undies so I did a Target run and now feel complete ;)

The essentials | Tommy Tippee disposable breast pads, Kotex & Toms Maternity pads, vitamins, supplements, Face Wipes; moisturiser; basic toiletries, breast gel pads

For the birth |Crystals, essential oils prepared for me by my friend Natasha Thomson Doula;  playlist of my favourite songs & meditations & TeePee Learning Affirmation cards.

For Baby nappies, organic singlets, socks, a couple of onesies & newborn sets with the soft little beanies and mittens (I have since had time to wash them!) I have a selection of the above from Sapling Child; Target Organics range & Early Riser.

Cryosite Core Blood Collection kit - more on that to come.

Phone & charger

My husband.

This post is in no way sponsored. Hero image from 23 weeks pregnant, because well- who had time to take a photo!