We all know that one time you say “I’m just ducking out for an hour” will most likely result in A. a poo explosion, B. a drool/vomit extravaganza, C. a sudden change in temperature, or D. All of the above, so a well packed nappy bag really can save the day.

So what should you pack? Well, this depends on how long you’ll be out, where you’re going and what stage your baby is at. I have a smaller bag with the bare essentials for school run/quick trips and a bigger, standard nappy bag that can fit everything I need if I’m out for the whole day.

So here is my nappy bag checklist- more details in video above.

Nappies (duh!)- We use Little One’s  for the softness/comfort factor, absorbency (no leaks- thanks very much!) & good price at $11.

Change Mat- I prefer a mat with in built pocket/sleeve for nappy & wipes.

Wipes- Let’s be honest when you’re a mum you use a wipe for everything! We love Little One’s wipes- rated number one by mums. They are enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and chamomile, don’t feel overly wet and are easy to pull one at a time from the packet.

Hand sanitiser, disposable nappy bags, dummies, dummy chain, bibs, change of clothes, beanie, hat, socks, swaddles x 2 (one for pram cover, the other for burp cloth/mat), travel sized sudo cream/paw paw ointment, lip gloss, sunglasses, breast pads, hair elastics & phone.

My Smaller bag contains 1x nappy, a small pack of wipes, 1x swaddle, 2x dummies, hand sanitiser, paw paw ointment, lip gloss, sunglasses & phone!

Would love to know anything else you include in your nappy bag or any space saving tips. Leave a comment below.

This post was created in partnership with Little One’s Nappies available only at Woolworths.




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