BUNNY6B We only stopped talking about Santa last week, so I'm sure we'll be chatting about the Easter bunny 'til Christmas. I  just returned from a wedding in Melbourne and was so bummed to miss Easter morning with Archie, but I knew he would love waking up to the annual monster egg hunt at nonna's. Apparently it ended up National Lampoons style when "Snow" the greyhound had a rumble with the "Easter Bunny" overnight and ended up eating EVERY SINGLE EGG. The poor kids woke up to find the garden strewn with empty wrappers and a crazy greyhound on a mad sugar-high. My mum ran out in horror, slipped over and ended up in hospital getting stitches! I'm kinda glad I missed it in the end...

So in honour of the furry guy with the floppy ears,  I've scoured my favourite labels to bring you and your bunnies some awesome rabbit inspired goodies- things that you'll love to use all year round. I also squeezed my little guy into a costume and took some snaps, just for your enjoyment. HAPPY EASTER! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend xo


lacebunnyearsBUNNY2BUNNY12bunnyvogueenfants2011BUNNY11 easterblackmamas1BUNNY13

Archie's bunny costume from costumes.com.au, canvas sand shoes from Target. Maison Michael lace rabbit ears. Bunnies flat lay (clockwise from top left): Paper Wings rabbit cardigan, Bang Bang Copenhagen bunny dress (middle), Yume Creations toy bunny, Mini Rodini Rabbit Scarf, Stella McCartney Kids Bunny Body onesie, Seed Heritage bunny mary-janes, Lapin & Me baby night light lamp, Mini Rodini rabbit onesie. Girl with rabbits from Vogue Enfants. Mama Musts flat lay (clockwise from left): Marc Jacobs bunny bag, Charlotte Ruse lace bunny ears, Top Shop jumping bunnies knit, Moooi Rabbit Lamp, Top Shop bunnies socks, Top Shop bunnies underwear, Minna Pirikka bunny shoes, Karen Walker bunny ring.