This week's MAMA'S MILK is edited by my gal Mimi O'Brien . I'm sure many of you can relate to this one. xo

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Call me crazy (and many people do) but after three years out of the daily grind, I’ve had an unshakeable urge return to full time work.

Don’t get me wrong, it's not that I don't love building sandcastles at the beach, the afternoon vinos masquerading as mother’s groups and the countless days aimlessly wandering shopping malls, but there is only so much tanning one mama can take before she turns a scary shade of beige. I've reached my limit with dissections and discussions about my kid and have been searching for something to scratch the itch. So I put it out to the universe and through some sort of planetary alignment was offered a position back at my old stomping ground. They welcomed me back with open arms. Kind of like I’d been on a holiday. A very long and complicated holiday.

Of course such a change is met with mixed emotions. I'm beyond excited to enjoy a distraction-free lunch break, regretful that I never did start that yoga/pilates/fitness when I had the time and obviously scared and about missing out on time with my girl.  But I  figure she is probably ready for a change as well. After all, too much Mum and beach can be irritating for a 2 year old (not). So, this evening I've got the girls over for a couple of cheeky cocktails to celebrate the end of my first week as a fully fledged working mama.

It’s time to hang the baby bag, dust off the Balenciaga and embrace my inner Dolly.

Mimi xx


350mls ginger beer

Handful of crushed ice

1 full cap of Pimm’s No. 1

2 fresh lime wedges (quartered)

2 cucumber sticks

4-5 large mint leaves on stem, plus extra for garnish

Add the ice to a tall glass and squeeze lime over this. Add the Pimms, and mint stem then top with Ginger Beer. Push cucumber sticks either side of glass  Garnish with additional mint leaves if desired and a final lime wedge. Leave all condiments in the glass for a refreshing summery feel and throw in a straw. Serve and enjoy!

Image:  Maryna Linchuk by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Russia 2012
Song: Dolly Parton-  9 to 5
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