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There’s a lot to be said for having fun with maternity fashion and embracing that gorgeous bump while you’ve got it, and there are some really great brands these days helping do just that. But for some mums-to-be, maternity fashion can be a tricky road to navigate, it doesn’t always suit your sense of style - and can be expensive to justify for such a short period of time.

Personally I struggled to find styles that suited my new changing shape but that still felt like me - and were on trend, so I found myself instead looking to brands and stores that I already knew and loved, sizing up or looking to styles I might have previously overlooked. And it doesn’t all have to be moo moos (although I am so herefor moo moos), just think relaxed waists, soft and/or stretchy fabrics and wrap dresses (always size up and you may have to move a few buttons to make sure they cover you in all the right places).

Here are a few options we’re loving right now that would work pregnant - or not - and well beyond. And remember if you’re buying non-maternity you can justify spending a little more as you’ll wear it beyond those nine months (double bonus if it’s feeding friendly too!)

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