NOT SO MUMSY is an inspirational and interactive destination for the modern mama. We see the term “MUMSY” as the notion of losing yourself in/to motherhood, so on the flip side NOT SO MUMSY is for women who love and embrace motherhood, but also want to retain a sense of self (and style or fashion or whatever you were into pre-kids). No parenting advice or judgement here- just support through shared stories, contributor posts & interviews, while still covering fashion, beauty, travel and all the things we loved pre-kids, just packaged up to include our favourite little people, and with an extra healthy dose of self care, because #mumlife.

NOT SO MUMSY founder Marcia Leone (pronounced Mar-see-a, not Marsha, thanks very much ;) lives in Sydney with her eyewear afficianado hubby (Owner and Creative Director of Sunday Somewhere), superhero turned soccer obsessed son Archie Valentino and one year old daughter Poppy Valentine.

Alternating between a holistic lifestyle and eating nutella from the jar while watching The Real Houswives from everywhere, Marcia is an organic loving germaphobe with a healthy dash of OCD. If she was a drink, she'd be an activated green juice with the occasional nip (or two) of vodka.

In her pre-baby life she cameoed as a hostess at a high-end NYC celebrity jaunt, spent months in Africa bottle feeding lion cubs, cycled across Cambodia volunteering in orphanages, modelled in the UK and was an honorary member of the Panamanian Latino Surf pro tour (while mojito-ing her way through Central America.)

Since becoming a mama, Marcia was determined to keep the adventure in her life.  Fortunate enough to travel the world with her husband's label, and now for her own partnerships, the family of 3 and then 4 have travelled to over 20 countries - sometimes apart, but mostly together.

A lifestyle journalist turned Marketing & Events Manager, Marcia spent a decade of her pre-mama life working in newspapers, magazines and television. While pregnant with Archie she was the Marketing Manager for an iconic BBC children's channel- ample training for that "new mummy daze" where she spent many hours- perhaps even days -staring blankly at Peppa Pig long after her tot had left the room.

Despite her adventurous pre-mum life, Marcia found her true purpose and passion in motherhood and took the brave leap in trading her comfortable 9-5 for her own little passion project NOT SO MUMSY.

What started as a website to fill the gap between “fashion” and traditional “mummy blogs” quickly became to a community of like-minded mamas, and now almost 6 years later has grown into a globally renowned, award winning fashion and lifestyle destination for the modern mother.

Marcia shares not just the highlights, but reaches into the hard to speak about moments of motherhood, sharing her own fertility journey of love and loss to finally welcome her much wanted daughter, Marcia also unites mothers by offering her platform to women with a story to tell.

Marcia’s positive influence and philanthropic efforts lead her to place third in the "Australian Top 50 Influencer Awards" 2017 and top 5 finest at the 2018 Optus Business Awards above all fashion and “mummy” bloggers. She has been featured as the "Beacon of the light among mummy bloggers, forging the way for the Modern Mama movement" by Collective Magazine, and named a “Self- Made Super Woman” in one of many features in Marie Claire. She has graced the cover of Adore and Little One Magazine, featured on national television and travelled the world with her family in partnership with some iconic global brands. She has interviewed the likes of Jaime King, Teresa Palmer, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Kelly Rowlands- with Teresa Palmer and Kelly Rowlands returning the favour, but insists her biggest accomplishment is connecting, celebrating, inspiring and being inspired by a community of modern mamas around the world.

In 2017 Marcia launched NOT SO MUMSY The Label with her talented designer husband where a percentage of every sale is donated to various charities including COPE, STILL AWARE & Sydney Children’s Hospital. Marcia is now working on her book for release in 2020.