Image: Unsplash/@nkuutz

Image: Unsplash/@nkuutz


Motherhood is a joy-filled, exhausting, intense rollercoaster ride of demands, heart-swelling emotion and damn hard work. It’s easy to let self care slide way down the list of priorities, but we all know you can’t fill from an empty cup. Meditation is a great way to give back to yourself and cultivate a clearer headspace to tackle all that life throws your way.

Whilst adding meditation to your regular routine won’t magically make the day-to-day chaos disappear, it can help you deal with all the crazy. Think less stress/yelling/behind-the-bathroom-door breakdowns and more calm, control and actually being present in the moment.

Here are 5 simple hacks to help you create a little more calm amongst the chaos straight away.

1. Schedule A Time

Schedule meditation time into your day just like you would an important meeting or doctors appointment. The juggle is real as busy mums, and spare time doesn’t just fall from the sky. Making meditation a priority might mean letting go of something else for a while.

Start off small, even 3-5 minutes can make a difference.

2. Create A Space

Find a cosy spot at home that you can make your own. Somewhere you can relax and shut yourself away from the chaos. Tucked up under a blanket on your favourite chair, sat on a soft pillow in the corner of your bedroom or if all else fails, in the quiet comfort of your car.

Our clever minds also begin to associate our special space with feelings of relaxation, making it easier to get the good vibes going each time we sit down to practice as well.

3. Focus On The Breath

Tune into your breath before you begin your meditation. When you take a moment to shift from fast and shallow breathing to slow and controlled…. whoooshh, in comes the calm (just like magic)!

At some stage during your meditation your mind WILL wander. Don’t worry - it’s completely normal. When it does happen, use your breath as an anchor. Draw your focus back to the present moment, back to the sensation of each breath as it flows in and out.

4. Get Guided

If sitting (or lying) down in silence feels a little intimidating, try using a guided meditation. There are heaps of great apps (Insight Timer is a great one) and Youtube videos out there that don’t cost a cent to use. You can also pop on some relaxing music if guided meditations just aren’t your jam either.

If you are really short on time, you can download a copy of my free 3 Minute Guided Meditation made especially for busy mums on the go here.

5. Throw Out The Rulebook

On days where actually sitting down to meditate just isn't going to happen, try to make a meditation out of normal everyday tasks like washing the dishes, folding the laundry, taking a shower. Be fully present in the moment and focus on your breath.

Make your meditation practice your own. Sit up, lie down, do it while you’re on the toilet if you have to - whatever works. There is no such thing as a perfect practice, there is no wrong or right way to get it done. So make it work for you.

Meditation is a habit that can take time to build, so be patient with yourself. It doesn’t always feel easy, you won’t always be left feeling blissful and serene. Just like motherhood, some days it can feel damn hard…. but make if you make it part of your regular routine, it just might change your life.


Jessie Kavanagh is a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor and happy living advocate on a mission to help more Mums and busy women of the world ditch the stress and live healthy, happy, joy-filled lives. She is also a tea-obsessed Mum of 2 with a serious penchant for good books, baked goods & hot baths! 

Jessie believes that making time for both movement and stillness is vital for maintaining a healthy body and happy mind, that sweat is good for the soul and that burgers, ice-cream and trashy tv are necessary staples for a balanced life. 

(Oh, and that you don’t need to be able to bend like a pretzel, have your own guru or even utter an ‘Om’ to reap the benefits of yoga and meditation... All you have to do is start).

You can find her here on Instagram, YouTube or at jessiekavanagh.com