I’ve partnered with Mazda for the best part of the last year and often get asked how I find it. My short answer is I LOVE it! In fact, so strong is my recommendation that after road testing mine,  my sister bought a MAZDA CX5 for her family and my mum is currently looking to buy the MAZDA CX9

Here are 9 reasons why.

1. IT LOOKS GOOD | I know, I know it’s not all about looks, but when it comes to cars- well… it kind of is  The interior is beautiful (especially pre-kids). Personally I love the white leather interior, but black is just as good. (I’ve had both) and no, the white didn’t get dirty. Everything is really easy to keep clean.

2. SIZE | We find the CX5 the perfect size for our family and lifestyle right now. We live the city, but drive out to my parent’s farm most weekends. I grew up with 4wd and have always preferred them, but it’s not overly big and pretentious- still compact enough to easily navigate the city streets.  It’s a great size if you have two young kids. The boot is perfectly sized for prams, umbrellas and soccer gear (which is our life) Also enough room to take luggage on a week long road trip. Also just enough room to squeeze in between the two car seats to settle cranky children … 

If you need a little extra room the NEW CX8 is being released in July! Perfect for families that need that little bit extra space.

3. TECH FEATURES | Just a quick disclaimer that I don’t know the technical terms…  actually I didn’t think I was into the tech side of things, but after jumping into my hubby’s “prestige” car, I actually noticed it wasn’t as tech savvy as my MAZDA…Hello one finger boot opening and closing! Yep, just a press of a button, I can open and close the boot with a baby in my arms and grab 17 shopping bags with the other.. OK, well I try.

6. The speedo is  digitally reflected in the windscreen next to the speed limit , which means I can keep my eyes on the road and know I’m going the right speed. Genius.

7. Blind spot indicators on the side mirrors let you know it’s safe to change lanes, if it’s not it beeps.  Also love the camera when reversing so I can clearly see behind the car.

8. The electronic seats can be moved so easily- forward perfect for mum life- there is plenty of room for passenger seat to sit comfortably even with a capsule in the back. And love the seat warmer for winter. Also enough room capsule in the back to sit comfortably in the passenger seat- SO important!

9. SAFETY | The blind spot indicators and windscreen speedo help with safety, but the feature that sold the hubby was the self-braking function if you about to have an accident. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this has happened twice. Once when I was trying to get out of a car park and didn’t realise someone had parked behind me. The second time I almost rear ended someone in one of my sleep deprived auto- pilot daze. First an alarm sounds with BRAKE!! comes up to warn you and if you don’t do it in time it automatically brakes. This feature Literally saved me from having an accident- and alone is worth it!

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What a difference a year makes- well not really, same car, same jacket, same kids- just BIGGER! haha x