OK, I confess- I'm not a "juice cleanse" person. I wish I was, but I've never successfully gone more than one day on a juice cleanse (and that has only happened once). Don't get me wrong, I am very healthy. I only eat organic where possible, I don't drink alcohol or coffee, drink a green juice most days and am gluten, dairy and refined sugar free probably 80% of the time. But, THIS MAMA NEEDS TO EAT! Especially in winter, I mean pass the pastries, right?!

Well, what if I said you can ENJOY a cleanse that included warming soups and puddings along side the juices? The clever peeps at PRODUCE have created just that. A delicious selection of carefully curated goods to support the immune system, heal the gut and allow a gentle clearing.

As soon as I saw the menu I signed up for three days. Firstly, because I'd been totally overindulging and secondly, because I've been taking fertility medications that have been making me feel like absolute shit. The hormones are making me sluggish and bloated, and my mood goes from Betty Crocker to Lorena Bobbitt in a nano second. I felt like I needed to nourish myself from the inside out.

The day before I started I came down with the flu and couldn't move off the couch all day. Well, it really couldn't of been better timing as the seasonal cleanse is chock full of immune fighting organic ingredients. Each day begins with the Immune Shot and holy wow, does this pack a punch!! By the morning of day 3 I woke up feeling fantastic, my tummy was flat I felt energised and clear headed - and my sickness was completely gone.



IMMUNE SHOT | a natural antibiotic, antibacterial, antioxidant & immune boosting

WARM CHIA, RASPBERRY & COCONUT PUDDING | High in protein, Omega 3 & fibre. Stabilises blood sugar, satiates hunger & provides energy.

GREEN JUICE | Alkalising, immune supporting, energy giving, cleansing.

SPICY CHICKEN BROTH |High in healing collagen plus immune supporting herbs to keep resilience against cold & flu high.  (Also, mushroom broth option)

TUMERIC TONIC | Anti-inflammatory, high in Vitamin C, stimulates digestion.

VEDIC MUNG DAHL & KALE SOUP | Warming, nourishing & grounding. high in protein to maintain lean muscle mass and energy.

GOLDEN ASHWAGANDHA ALMOND MILK | Anti-inflammatory and warming. Soothes digestion & calms the nervous system.

So as you can see, you're not going to go hungry. The soups were delicious, but the pudding and Almond milk were stand outs to be. I look forward to my "meals" each day and the best part? No cooking for three days.

PRODJUICE Offers 1, 3 & 5 day cleanse and also sell the broths and soups seperately, if you can't commit to a full cleanse. Click HERE for more details. Give it a try, you're body will love you for it. xx