B1 The terrible two's ain't got nothing on the dramatic, oscar- worthy meltdowns of the threenager, but that aside,  I'm finding three THE most adorable age. Every day I'm amazed and honoured to view life through the perspective of this mini, opinionated, hilarious little guy. Boy, he makes me laugh. Here are ten things I never want to forget about you, my three year old Archie.

1.Every time you see a flower you have to pick it for me. Even at pre-school you make the teacher help find you a flower and you run up to give it to me with so much pride.

2. How you make me dance "Pirate style" around the living room to the credits of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

3. How you say "Boskeeto" (mosquito), "Chotlet" (chocolate) and "kele-en" (skeleton) in a Peppa Pig English accent.

4. How you sing ALL the time, at the top of your lungs. In the bath, at the shops, in the car- you're aways singing a mash up of theme songs, nursery rhymes and made up noises with arms flailing and the lyrics messed up. "If you're happy and you know it clap your beet x piderman megamix" is currently on rotation.  People often come up and tell me how happy you must be. I take so much pride in that.

5. The way you throw your little leg on mine and slide up so close that I sleep on the tiniest edge of the bed.

6. How you try and run away from your shadow, and get frustrated that you can't.

7. How you line up all your figurines, from the front to the back door in total OCD fashion with everything facing a certain way and arms just so.

8. How you ask me to bend down so you can tell me a secret...then fart on my head.

9. Your first favourite song is "Happy" , which you call "the picable me dong". You make me turn it up loud in the car and bop away in the back seat.

10. How much you  LOVE to rumble on the bed. You laugh so hard that you can hardly breathe, but you don't want to stop. It always ends in tears, usually mine. x0

Wearing our favourite BONDS stripey PJs.

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