Obvious essentials aside, yes I’m talking wipes, nappies, burp cloths and the like, here are a few new mama must-haves that I’ve found helpful in my first few weeks as a mum.

A baby wrap

If there was one thing I wish I knew before I became a mum, it’s that sometimes babies just like to be held. All day. While sitting on the couch holding your delicious smelling and snuggly bub for hours on end might seem like your idea of heaven, reality quickly sets in and things like making yourself breakfast, making the bed or doing the washing become non-existent. Enter, a baby wrap! Not only are they easy to use, comfortable and cost-effective, they give your baby the comfort that they need while letting you get on with your day – or at the very least, give you enough time to feed yourself! Genius. My fave? The Chekoh Jett Wrap

Multi-tasking beauty products

Having a new bub in the house is a busy and uncertain time. Often it means your needs come last and your daily routine is no longer, well, a routine. And each to their own of course, but putting on tinted moisturiser and mascara, even if I’m not going anywhere, makes me feel all the more human. These hard-working, multi-tasking, time-saving beauty products are a must for me!

Frank Bod Creamy Face Scrub and Creamy Face Cleanser  | Made without any nasties, the newly formulated Frank Bod face range not only smells delish (hello coffee!), it helps with redness, dryness and itchiness & won’t irritate your skin. New mum skin is often sensitive so the Frank Bod range is perfect for giving you a helping hand.

Clarins Flash Beauty Balm  | Most new mums would agree, the sleep deprivation is the hardest pill to swallow. While I can’t promise longer nap times, I can promise that this beauty balm will at least trick you into thinking you’ve had more sleep than you have. Simply pat this ‘pick me up’ onto your skin and instantly erase signs of tiredness by tightening and brightening your skin.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser | I can’t rave enough about Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20. After a broken night’s sleep, this lightweight, radiating moisturiser evens out my skin tone, adds a little colour and gives my skin a glow – meaning I look a little less like Uncle Fester and a little more human.

Lanolips 101 Ointment  | Chapped lips, cracked nipples, dry cuticles, itchy skin? I have one of these versatile little numbers in my handbag and one in the baby bag.

A comfortable pair of kicks

Prior to falling pregnant, I was a high heel kind of gal. They just made me feel like I had my shit together. Then I realised sneakers could be cool too and they became my go-to through pregnancy and now as a busy new mum. Team your sneaks with skirts, shorts, jeans or dresses. I’m currently obsessed with my Nike Roshe Ones in Triple White  from Stylerunner.

A notebook

After I finished up at work and no longer had my google calendar at my fingertips, I realised I needed to take it back old school and write things down! Doctor’s appointments, immunisations, coffee catch ups – keep track of your To Dos with a trusty notebook. My fave is by An Organised Life 

A multi-purpose baby blanket

Obviously there are a long list of essentials for the baby bag but I’ve found a multi-purpose blanket has been a must have item for me! Use it as a pram cover, swaddle, picnic or beach blanket or a modesty cover for breastfeeding. I love the Casper Blanket by Pop Factory Shop